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Sita Swayamvar / Shri Ram Vanvas DVD


The complete Ramayan by PSR Pictures on DVD comprised of the films Sita Swayamvar (1976) & Shri Ram Vanvas (1977)

Starring: Jayapradha, Ravi Kumar, Satyanarayan

Sita Swayamvar (aka Sita's Wedding) depicts the divine birth of Ram and Sita, their childhood exploits and culminates in their marriage. Shri Ram Vanvas details the trials and tribulations of their subsequent forest exhile during which Sita is abducted by Ravan, the demon King of Lanka.

Sita Swayamvar: 125 minutes, Shri Ram Vanvas: 137 minutes

In Hindi with English subtitles

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  • "Thanks for the Sita Swayamver DVDs. They are well made and I appreciate the extra effort getting the subtitles perfect. My wife is soo happy!! She's been after this film for yea..."