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Tales of Lord Krishna


Three excellent Hindi films on Lord Krishna's adult life with English subtitles for Balram Shri Krishna and Jai Dwarkadheesh

Balram Shri Krishna (1968) Balram and Krishna argue over who their younger sister Subadhra should marry. Wishing to see his sister as Queen of Hastinapur, Balram wants her to marry prince Duryodhan, while Krishna is partial to their cousin Arjun and enacts a plan to see his desires fulfilled. Can Krishna and Balram settle their differences, or will their persistent feuding spell the end of the illustrious Yadav line?

Jai Dwarkadheesh (1977)  When Lord Krishna inadvertently looks at the moon on Bhadrapad Chaturthi, he falls victim to Ganesh's curse and is accused of stealing the famous Symantaka gem. As Krishna tries to free himself from the false allegation, a bizarre series of events unfold leading to his marriage with Rukmini, Satyabhama and Jamvanti, the first three of his many wives.

Krishna Krishna (1986)  Jealous of the fame and fortune Krishna had acquired and incited by his flatterers, Paundrik, the ruler of Chunar, declared himself to be the real Krishna and true incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Paundrik targets Sudama, Krishna's greatest childhood friend which ultimately leads to a long overdue reunion between the friends.

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