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Mythological Classics 2


Three mythological Hindi classics with English subtitles

Har Har Mahadev (1974) recounts stories from the Shiv Puran about Lord Shiva, his consort Shakti and their acts of compassion and wrath. Many episodes from their lives are shown including the sacrifice of Sati, immolation of Kamdev, wedding of Shiv and Parvati, origin of Ganesh and Karthik, descent of the holy Ganga, vanquishing of Bhasmasur and more.

Sati Naag Kanya (1982)  Two worlds collide when Meghnath, prince of Lanka marries Sulochana, daughter of the serpent Shesh upon who Lord Vishnu sleeps. When Meghnath's chariot inadvertently kills a snake, Sulochana endures the curse of the serpent's mate. The snake's untimely demise results in a prophesied battle of good vs. evil when Vishnu and Shesh Naag incarnate on earth as Ram and Lakshman to square off with Ravan and Meghnath.

Tulsi Vivah (1971)  Vrinda is caught up in a holy war when her husband Jalandhar discovers the gods tried to steal the nectar of life and decides to aid the demons in the conflict. A skilled warrior, Jalandhar defeats the gods but upsets his wife when he claims several beautiful women as his prize. Yet despite his indiscretions when Jalandhar is hurt in battle, the gods find Vrinda's anger more fearsome than her husband's prowess in combat.

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  • "I have been looking for Sita Swayamvar and Shri Ram Vanvas for ages... and nobody apart from you has it... I did have it on VHS but the copy is really bad and no subtitles eithe..."
  • "Thanks for the Sita Swayamver DVDs. They are well made and I appreciate the extra effort getting the subtitles perfect. My wife is soo happy!! She's been after this film for yea..."