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Tales of Lord Hanuman


Three excellent Hindi films on Hanuman with English subtitles for Bajrangbali and Mahabali Hanuman

Bajrangbali (1976) recounts anecdotes from the life of Hanuman including his victory over the planet Saturn (Shani), his crucial role in the rescue of Sita, events ensuing after Ram and Sita's return to Ayodhya and the battle between Ram and Hanuman.

Hanuman Vijay (1974) tells a little-known story from the Krittivasa Ramayan of Ram and Lakshman’s kidnapping by Ahiravan, the ruler of the subterranean netherworld (Patal). A powerful sorcerer, Ahiravan planned to sacrifice the brothers at the altar of Goddess Kamaksha from whom he had obtained vital occult secrets. Once again Hanuman must save day with his wit and antics.

Mahabali Hanuman (1981) focuses on both the childhood exploits and adult adventures of Hanuman. As a child Hanuman mischievously tried to swallow the sun, thinking it was a fruit. When he is smote for his unwitting trespass by Indra, king of the Gods, he lays lifeless, only to be resurrected and granted gifts by an assemblage of gods. These gifts along with his own virtues earn him the title of Mahabali, or The Mighty One.

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