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Puranic Films is the only place to find uncut, unedited versions of the films Sita Swayamvar and Sri Raam Vanavas on DVD. The copies produced by ITV Productions and sold by ISKCON under the titles "Sita's Wedding" and "The Adventures of Rama" are incomplete and missing 30 and 40 minutes respectively. Moreover, those discs lack chapters, menus and even switchable subtitles.

Thus, I decided to digitally preserve the complete versions of these films on DVD with custom chapters, interactive menus and even subtitled both films in English. Now I am sharing the fruits of my labor of love with you. Nowhere else can you find these two cinematic gems in their entirety on DVD.

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  • "I'm a foreign film buff who recently discovered these stunningly beautiful films. :) I think the film Sita's Wedding is absolutely GORGEOUS! THANKS!"
  • "I have been looking for Sita Swayamvar and Shri Ram Vanvas for ages... and nobody apart from you has it... I did have it on VHS but the copy is really bad and no subtitles eithe..."