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Quotes Thanks for the Sita Swayamver DVDs. They are well made and I appreciate the extra effort getting the subtitles perfect. My wife is soo happy!! She's been after this film for years. You've given me lots of brownie points. Thanks once again!! Quotes

Quotes I'm a foreign film buff who recently discovered these stunningly beautiful films. :) I think the film Sita's Wedding is absolutely GORGEOUS! THANKS! Quotes

Quotes Excellent and vast collection of films. We've added a copy of each and every DVD in your inventory to our library. Quotes
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Dalhousie University

Quotes I have been looking for Sita Swayamvar and Shri Ram Vanvas for ages... and nobody apart from you has it... I did have it on VHS but the copy is really bad and no subtitles either...anyways good to see that there are some people that have it and like to share! :o) Quotes

Quotes Sita Swayamvar is one my favorite films from childhood and remains an all time favorite to this day. I have also newly discovered other classics like Tulsi Vivah. Now I can enjoy all of these gems with my own children. Quotes

Quotes Oh my god, what a treat for mythology lovers! Absolutely amazing stuff. Thanks so much. Quotes

Quotes All your releases are excellent. I have wanted these movies for such a long time. Thanks a lot for your effort. Quotes