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Mythological Classics 1


A collection of three Hindi films by legendary mythological director Babubhai Mistry 

Bhagwan Parshuram (1970) depicts the life of Parshuram, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. When Parshuram's brahman parents lose their lives as a consequence of the evil King Sahastrabahu's wicked schemes, Pashuram vows not only to kill Sahastrabahu but to exterminate all Kshatriyas to liberate the earth from their tyranny.

Har Har Gange (1979) tells the story of the sister goddesses Ganga and Uma, incarnations of the all powerful Adi Shakti who are born on earth to vanquish sin. Drawing from the Skanda Puran, this film magically interweaves many stories including Daksha Yagna, birth of Kartikeya and Ganesh, slaying of Tarakasur, and of course Bhagirath and the descent of Ganga.

Shri Krishna Arjun Yuddh (1972) Pandav prince Arjun vows no one on earth can instigate him to go against Shri Krishna but must soon mince his words when he is compelled to take up arms against Krishna to protect his dance guru Chitrasen, whose irreverent behavior roused the wrath of Krishna himself. The subsequent war between Shri Krishna and Arjun not only threatens to end their friendship but the entire universe as well.

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